I've spent the last three years focused on initiatives I care about (from environmental sustainability to women and LGBTQIA+ rights) + writing music. With the recent political events, I can't help but feel a deep anxiety and fear for the "weirdos" like me out there. And I don't think any of us know what to do.

The singles I'm releasing this Spring are honest about what struggle with with: anxiety < vulnerability,what it means to "be a woman", self acceptance (or lack thereof), moving on, and how we all collectively grapple with the constant – but changing – human condition.

These are the kind of songs I wish fourteen-year-old me would have heard on the radio. Maybe then I would have known that I wasn't such a weirdo. Or at least I'd know there was more of us out here fighting the good fight. :)



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Behind The Scenes footage with Jake ViciousShot at House Studio in Washington, D.C. by Zack David Films