Who is Jen Miller?

Jen Miller is an Ohio-bred indie artist, songwriter/producer, and political activist. Her music has been featured in Modern Luxury & Washington Post, and Spotify has featured her on curated & viral lists, including Hiptronix, Global Viral 50, and Discover Weekly. A staunch feminist and political activist, Miller takes her storytelling seriously in and outside of the studio. With a goofy, quick-witted vibration, Jen has shared many stages — most notably with Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Young the Giant, Girltalk, and Shovels & Rope.

In 2017, Jen released a series of singles co-produced with Jake Vicious, and were featured on Spotify charts like Global Viral 50, Hiptronix, and Discover Weekly. The first collaboration between Jake and Jen was the single “Bullshit” (2016) – a grunge-pop feminist mantra about losing your shit over a cup of coffee mid-meeting – was recorded on a Sunday afternoon in D.C. and was released on House Studio’s collab album #5149. After racking up over 150,000 plays on Soundcloud, “Bullshit” was chosen as the theme song for “Uninterrupted”, a new podcast from Women’s Health that hosts experts, activists, celebrities, doctors, and more to talk about the political and social issues that matter most to women. Jen first began working with Jake while living in Washington, D.C. working as a political writer.

Now, Jen is based in Nashville, Tennessee and is working on a new project. Jen is also the founder and editor of Girl Gang Music — an online community and network of women + GNC folk within the music industry.

“More.” is the first release of 2018 for Ohio-bred indie artist, producer, and activist Jen Miller.

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Girl Gang Music’s mission is to promote female inclusion in all aspects of the industry, to celebrate women who are already thriving in music, and, ultimately, to develop a pipeline for girls and young women to confidently get involved in music through mentorship and community.

Jen founded Girl Gang Music — a curated community and network of women and nonbinary humans within the music industry — in January 2016.  Girl Gang Music is a group of songwriters, artists, producers, journalists, photographers, managers, agents, instrumentalists, and innovators within the industry, who connect through the blog. Basically, we just promote tunes/share new favorites, trade tips, and uplift each other here.

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