Jen Miller's Tune Chosen As Theme Song for a New Podcast from Women's Health: "Uninterrupted"

I never thought I'd get the opportunity to hear feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, speaking over a song I wrote -- but today, that's exactly what happened.

I'm absolutely elated to announce that my single, "Bullshit" has been chosen as the theme music for a new podcast "Uninterrupted" from Women's Health Magazine. To be entirely honest, the opportunity came as happenstance when I saw a tweet from Caitlin Abber -- Senior Editor of Women's Health -- was looking for female artists. I saw a door, so I knocked.

Uninterrupted is a weekly topical discussion hosted by Caitlin, who invites experts, activists, celebrities, doctors, historians, and more share their own personal stories and talk about the political and social issues that matter most to women. Caitlin said on her Facebook, "This is pretty much a dream of mine—a platform where women can talk and share and learn from each other, a job where I'm allowed to have big ideas and am trusted to execute them (many thanks to Lisa Chudnofsky O'Dougherty for that), and and opportunity to work with extremely talented women to make media that represents us." This also means that instead of focusing solely on health and wellness, Women’s Health will delve into larger women’s issues that touch on news, culture and politics in 2016. Now, THAT, sounds like something I can get behind.

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Episode 1: Gloria Steinem Wants a 'Mass Uprising' if Donald Trump Is Elected President

On the first episode of Womens's Health's new podcast, Uninterrupted, longtime activist Gloria Steinem spoke about what she's learned during her lifelong journey as a feminist, the current social and political climate for women, and her take on the 2016 presidential candidates. Gloria, who has spent the majority of her 81 years traveling as a campaigner and activist (as noted in her newest book, My Life On the Road), seems to give zero fucks when it comes to calling out Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on his privilege and his persona.

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